1440 – Linger Awhile

A stupid title and no connection to the image? Oh yes, you’re right, but then … I sat there in Klagenfurt, in front of a pub called Pavlvs, drank my mineral water with lemon juice, and while the sun burned down, I looked up along the modern facade, up into the sky, and for a short moment everything was perfect 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Linger Awhile” by Sarah Vaughn. YouTube has a 1953 recording with orchestra, not bad, but I still prefer the version from the 1957 album “Swingin’ Easy”.

4 thoughts on “1440 – Linger Awhile”

  1. Hum, Andreas, are you sure there was only lemon juice in that mineral water? I almost feel dizzy when I look at this image, lol!

    1. Well, originally it was a horizontal composition, and I spiced it up by rotating it 90 degrees clock-wise. Try that some time, especially in cases when the perspective is weird anyway. This weirdness gives you the additional freedom to rotate the image any way you feel it works, and that can work wonders. Not always does, but can.

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