1431 – Your Smiling Face

I’m pretty sure we had that girl a few times. I would have expected her under the label “Mannequin“, but there ain’t nothing.

Anyway. This is in the window of an interesting shop in Lerchenfelderstra├če. They sell all sorts of old things, and for instance they gave us this old telephone. OK, here I found it: “761 – Carry On Regardless“. I had forgotten to label it properly ­čÖé

The Song of the Day is “Your Smiling Face” from the 1998 self-titled Dakota Moon debut album. Hear it on YouTube. It’s a cover of this James Taylor song.

2 thoughts on “1431 – Your Smiling Face”

  1. Your Smiling Face
    for a tremendously good start this morning ­čÖé

    The softness over all, is so to the point.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a nice day too, Andreas.

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