1431 – Your Smiling Face

I’m pretty sure we had that girl a few times. I would have expected her under the label “Mannequin“, but there ain’t nothing.

Anyway. This is in the window of an interesting shop in Lerchenfelderstraße. They sell all sorts of old things, and for instance they gave us this old telephone. OK, here I found it: “761 – Carry On Regardless“. I had forgotten to label it properly 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Your Smiling Face” from the 1998 self-titled Dakota Moon debut album. Hear it on YouTube. It’s a cover of this James Taylor song.

2 thoughts on “1431 – Your Smiling Face”

  1. Your Smiling Face
    for a tremendously good start this morning 🙂

    The softness over all, is so to the point.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a nice day too, Andreas.

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