Sep 082010

“Gratis Äpfel” – “apples for free” – on the sidewalk in front of a shop. I took this image yesterday morning. I could resist the apples though.

Instead of processing images and making blog posts, I spent the whole evening browsing Amazon for new music. One of the results is that I bought four albums by Element Of Crime.

The Song of the Day is on one of them. It’s “Alten Resten Eine Chance” (“a chance to old leftovers”) from the 1993 album “Weisses Papier”. Hear it on YouTube.

  2 Responses to “1424 – Alten Resten Eine Chance”

  1. Ein wundervoller Song, gehört zu jedem morgendlichen Ende einer Party, doch die Äpfel würd ich nicht dazu reichen:-) Sonnengrüße

  2. Those apples look pretty wormy to me. Glad you passed them up.

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