Sep 022010

Yup, nothing wrong with the Tamron. It works better than ever. QED. I guess I can go back to the manual focus primes soon 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Drive My Car” from the 1965 Beatles album “Rubber Soul”. YouTube has it, but you know it anyway. Not a bad match for a battered old Mini Cooper, if you ask me 😀

  One Response to “1419 – Drive My Car”

  1. I like these little Mini Coopers with their little wings emblems. This one seems to have lost an argument with something harder than its grill. Your point of view almost makes me, the viewer, think I may have been the one who won this little argument! Or did I? I seem to be sitting in the road. So perhaps my injuries are worse than the little Mini’s are! When I get over the shock from the impact, I’ll find out.

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