1415 – Butterfly

OK, this is the last post for tonight, promised 🙂

This is an image taken today, again with the 50/1.2. The butterfly was friendly anough to give me time to focus.

Btw, speaking of butterflies, don’t you feel that this is a funny name for an insect? But what is more funny, is that the names for butterflies in different languages are completely unrelated. Normally you see the same stem used in the romanic languages, sometimes English agrees with German, sometimes with French, but here it is all totally different: butterfly, mariposa, farfalla, papillon, Schmetterling. It’s rare that you see something like that. It is almost as if butterflies had suddenly appeared maybe a thousand years ago, when the peoples in Europe had already settled 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Butterfly” from Jason Mraz’s 2008 album “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.”. Great album, great singer, and YouTube has the song.

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  1. Andreas, butterfly and the german “Schmetterling” are actually in very close relationship, albeit not a phonetic one: “Schmetten” is an old word – also in Austria – for cream, which again can be a pre-product for butter. And as those butterflies loved to sit on pots of fresh “Schmetten”, that’s what they got their names from.

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