1412 – The Long Way Home II

I continue to stay very busy, trying to take photographs whenever I can, but today it’s from the archives again. This is a very old image, almost three years, and since then it has waited on my TODO list.

The Song of the Day is one more time “The Long Way Home“. I’ve used this song a long time ago, way back in “295 – The Long Way“. Then I had used it for an awful rendition of a very mediocre image, but this time the image is better and for a change it is not Tom Waits’ original from his “Orphans” album, no, today it is Norah Jones on her 2004 record “Feels Like Home”. And it’s not bad either. Very different, but not at all bad. YouTube has it.

One thought on “1412 – The Long Way Home II”

  1. Andreas,
    I have looking for that CD to buy locally and I hadn’t found one in stock. When I saw the price for the MP3 download from Amazon I couldn’t pass it up.
    Thank you so much for highlighting that album with the link.

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