1405 – A Long Time Ago

I can’t say that I’m very interested in modern, flawless, untainted architecture, but you can get me anytime with a little decay. Why? Inorganic things somehow get organic when they age. By falling apart, the lifeless begins to breath life. Funny, huh?

The Song of the Day is “A Long Time Ago” from David Byrne’s 1994 self-titled album. YouTube has a video for you.

2 thoughts on “1405 – A Long Time Ago”

  1. I would tend to agree — decay adds interest and character, much like lines and weathered wrinkles often does in street portraits. Perhaps it’s because you can see some results from their existence, their history. Have a good weekend.

  2. Agree totally, I’m all the same. It’s like a pair of well-worn jeans. When you buy them, they almost hurt on the skin and eye, but after a few months, you can’t live without them. It feels the same when watching a new building, and it will take years before it starts to feel better.

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