1403 – It’s A Fire

Oh dear, a sunrise! How could I?

But then, why not? Sure, it’s a cliché, with probably only sundowns being worse, but it has happened, it did impress me, and I have the feeling that the image is quite a good representation of what I saw.

If sunrises totally disgust you, I can offer you a look though one of the etched windows in our stairwell here in Vienna. It’s likely the better image, but, damn, that sunrise was really great 🙂

The Song of the Day is “It’s A Fire” from the 1994 Portishead album “Dummy”. Nice song. Head over to YouTube for it.

4 thoughts on “1403 – It’s A Fire”

  1. It’s hard to pass up sights like this without photographing it 🙂 As cliche and trite as a sunrise/set may seem, it’s still incredibly beautiful and worth remembering with a photo, IMO. Well done!

  2. Sunrises and sunsets are clichés for a reason. And it always surprises me, how many lousy incarnations of this topic float around. Like yours, though! The tad of cool, blue morning light mixed in, and the clearly visible houses (not the usual square blocks of black in the front of the photo) make it for me.

  3. Well I never seem to tire of good renditions, such as this. Sunrises are special. The dawn of a new day, new chances, etc and all that.

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