1394 – Blue Again

I haven’t done much photography this weekend. On the one side there were the consultations about the apartment, on the other side I was very busy programming. This is an image taken today in the afternoon on my way to the lake. The sky was blue again, swimming was fine, it’s only that my head was buzzing with ideas. It’s pretty hard to empty your mind and to get creative, when you constantly worry about programming concepts 🙂

This is a place where I like to drive by. It’s not the direct way to the lake, it’s a detour that costs me at least half an hour, but I know the environment very well and there’s always an image to be had. I would have liked some more flowers to work with, but hey, I was already determined to use an image from Italy, so this one came for free 😀

The Song of the Day is “Blue Sky” from Joan Baez’ 1975 album “Diamonds & Rust”. Hear it on YouTube.