1390 – Inside Out

I just spent an insane amount of time listening to Lawrence Lessig speaking about rebooting democracy. It’s about the US democracy, but what’s wrong in the US is pretty wrong over here as well. Interesting stuff, he has different videos, the shortest “of / by / 4 in 18 minutes”, the longer about that subject running for around an hour. Very recommendable if you have some time to burn, and of course I am always fascinated by his brilliant way of using slides. I’m pretty sure he has no patent on it, maybe I should try something like that at work 🙂

The image of the day, well, there was a car with a big tin tube on its roof rack, and being a nosy guy, I wanted to find out what it would look like to be inside. Well, that’s what it looks like 😀

The Song of the Day is “Inside Out” from Shara Nelson’s excellent but widely unknown album “What Silence Knows”. Unfortunately this is her only album. She’s probably best known for her work with Massive Attack, she has appeared as collaborator/guest on a number of albums, but I still wait for a sequel to her own. YouTube has an orchestral version of this song that I didn’t know. The voice track is straight from the album, but the orchestra is a cool alternative.

2 thoughts on “1390 – Inside Out”

  1. Andreas, thanks for the link to the Lawrence Lessig site. I’ve seen a couple of these videos at other locations but am glad to find the source. He does do absolutely brilliant slide shows doesn’t he?

    Fascinating image.

  2. There are certainly worse ways to burn time. I just started to watch – definately food for thought!

    The slides are rather professional, he seems to have some excellent support staff in the background. For my taste they are sometimes a bit too “fine-grained”, in the sense that you have to change them every couple of seconds, which makes the talks not overly spontaneous. But, hey, the guy really seems to put a lot of effort into his presentations. I like it when presenters do take their audience seriously!

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