Aug 012010

Here’s one last image taken yesterday. After swimming I made a detour home. Another one of those small roads. This time I knew the road, but I had never been in that quarry.

The Song of the Day is “The Tale Of The Giant Stone Eater” from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s 1975 album “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”. YouTube has it for you.

  4 Responses to “1387 – The Tale Of The Giant Stone Eater”

  1. That stone eater, which would appear to be a gigantic size if we were to stand next to it, is now dwarfed by our distance from it and in comparison to the size of the giant cut into the rocks. So you could also title this “Relativity” lol.

  2. Absolutely marvelous combination of photo, title and song!

  3. Thanks a lot. Actually I was pretty frustrated, because most images from that quarry were trash, but yes, this one worked out really well 🙂

  4. It seems so insignificant but, given time, it can do a lot of damage!

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