1386 – Notes From The Underground

I like to take small roads that I don’t know, like to see where they take me. On Saturday one of them has taken me to this place where the highway crosses the railway. Actually, now that it’s Sunday evening, now that I am on the train back to Vienna, I must have come through that place just minutes ago. I noticed too late though.

The Song of the Day is “Notes From The Underground” from the 1987 Manhattan Transfer album “Brasil”. YouTube has a live performance, and to judge from their looks, it must be from about that time.

4 thoughts on “1386 – Notes From The Underground”

  1. Andreas, this image brings back memories of a recurrent nightmare I used to have whenever I’d eaten something that disagreed with me! I’m in a car hunting for a parking place. I see an entrance, so drive into it and it leads me down, down and around and then along come some railroad tracks and I can see the ever-descending tunnel disappearing into darkness.

    After I finally figured out the relationship between this particular dream and my digestive system, I no longer have to experience the dream!

    So when I saw your image, I got goose bumps!

    I’m sorry that you’re finding out that this image, which you like, had such unpleasant connotations for one particular viewer. But also I’m sitting here laughing at myself. So now I can appreciate the image for its good qualities.

    I like that we can see into the distance in the left side, but, our vision blocked by that cement support wall, we can’t see where the tracks might lead us.

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