1369 – Let’s Get High

No, this image was not taken with my Tamron 17-50/2.8, but I have made this post part of my review series, because I think you should know, that I have sent it in to Tamron one more time.

You remember the last time, when my bag had fallen from negligible height and the lens barrel broke? Tamron has repaired the lens, the autofocus error is gone, but instead a new problem had appeared:

Often when I turned the camera on, the first image was severely overexposed. Well, this became very frequent in the last few weeks, to an extent where I could be almost certain that the first image or even the first few images would be unusable.

Further study has revealed, that the lens fails to stop down during exposure. You know, while metering and while you look through the viewfinder, the lens is always wide open, in case of the Tamron this means f2.8. Only for the actual exposure the lens stops down to the aperture selected. Or it does not, just like mine. When that happens, the camera exposes for, say, f8, but the lens faultily stays open at f2.8. The result is an overexposure by three full stops.

Now, when I look back, this lens, while it works, is extraordinarily versatile, and the image quality is pretty good as well. On the other hand, I had this autofocus problem (that seems to have been corrected with a firmware update when I sent the lens in the last time) and now I have this problem, that makes the lens completely unusable for street photography.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. Not all of them can be that flimsy, and optically it has brought me through the dark winter like no lens before. Nikon simply has no alternative. I guess it all depends on how well the upcoming Sigma 17-50/2.8 OS will perform. It has just become available for Canon and may come out for Nikon within the next month. Less and less can I imagine to be able to resist 🙂

Being without the Tamron, I had to switch to another lens, and in this case it was the Nikon 70-300 VR. For a few days I had seen this image, but the Tamron was not the right lens. This cried for a serious telephoto lens. Yesterday I finally took the image. This is one of two exposures. It’s a tad awkward standing in the middle of a crossing 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Let’s Get High” from Lenny Kravitz’ 2001 album “Lenny”. Very recommendable. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1369 – Let’s Get High”

  1. I really like this photo, thank you , could you make a couple of comments about any post processing work you did?

    1. Development in Camera RAW with much fill light and contrast, balanced by brightness. I did that to even out the enormous contrast and light falloff from Top to bottom. The result was flat and with dull colors.

      Topaz Adjust 4 filter “Spicify”, applied with a mask, practically everywhere, but only sparingly in the sky.

      Added a neutral blur (see 542 – The Show Is Over, Say Good-Bye).

      Boosted saturation with a combination of three Hue/Saturation layers. See 683 – Welcome To The Republic. Adjusted by de-saturating reds slightly and by blending a magenta filters in the shadows.

      Added a vignette, levels and sharpening.

  2. There is a quality about this image which enervates me. It almost makes me smile, and I think of the word pizzicato.

    When I was quite young at home in Philadelphia … there came at night a New York station onto our radios… WOR. And they had a bouncy jingle which this image evokes…

    “Pizzicato always makes me happy,
    Pizzicato never makes me blue.
    So we’ve recorded our station call letters
    In pizzicato style for you.
    W ! O! R!”

    The minarets, their perky colors, the needles spiking into the sky. The way the window corridors look like the picket fences that boys will rake a stick across as they run by….. Tickety-tickety-tickety….

    And then the vehicle domes perking up below… Like a plucked base line…

    This is a jingle. A lighthearted melody of palette and shapes that dance … leap … up into the vertical to fill the negative space way way up there.


    1. Thanks Ted. You’d really better like it, because that’s what you yourself made me do 🙂

      This is still one of those images that were inspired by your idea for my SoFoBoMo book, the idea that I at last pursued. I’m out of SoFoBoMo for this year, the month is over, but I still work on the book. If I decide to include images not only from Italy, but from Austria as well, this image would be in.

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