1363 – The Part You Throw Away

That’s the last post for today, an image that I took this morning. It is not that I generally think the room with the garbage containers is that photogenic, but today it appealed to me 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Part You Throw Away“, one more song from Tom Waits’ incredible 2004 album “Blood Money”, the counterpart to the equally brilliant “Alice”. Hear it on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “1363 – The Part You Throw Away”

  1. on first sight it looked more like a closet to me 🙂
    my 363rd post of today wears the same kind of glass
    coincidence, i suppose, but a funny one

    wasn’t around here on your blog lately. viewed every post of yours, but not the room, space, time to comment. it was pretty busy last months. i will tell you the story behind in a proper mail after my vacation this summer. have nice summer, andreas

  2. Fine – the power is in the receptivity to such visual gems. And I’d say this is a perfect complementary activity to programming – completely exercising the neurons and getting them to cooperate.

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