1362 – Just Like The Rain

The second post for today. The image is from yesterday morning, we’d had rain in the night and bright sunshine in the morning.

During the months of July and August so many people in this city are on vacation, that the number of cars is drastically reduced, and for that reasons, the restaurants are allowed to place tables to the side of the street in front of them. Two months of diminished traffic and people sitting outside. These tables belong to an Italian pizzeria, as opposed to an Egyptian, Croatian or Iraqi pizzeria. They all serve pizza, they all serve pasta, but those guys are genuinely from southern Italy and they know how to spell their food 😀

The Song of the Day is “Just Like The Rain” from Richard Hawley’s 2005 album “Coles Corner”. Hear it on YouTube. Normally I would present you an ad linking to the album on Amazon, but today Amazon seems to have a problem, thus you are spared the ad 🙂