Jul 072010

Time passes. Let’s see: I started my SoFoBoMo 2010 month on June 19, the day we arrived in Italy. A poor choice, I have only one or two usable images from that day, but that’s how it is. I have to finish on July 20, that’s a Tuesday, and for all practical reasons this means the Sunday before. It’s not real tight, but I don’t have so many images processed yet, I have not even a full list of candidates. I can’t let it trickle an image a day, I really have to speed up. We’ll see.

This is the post for Sunday, July 4, the image is again from June 20. The place is again Lavagna. Currently I don’t put much energy into photography. I have images for Monday and Tuesday (back in Vienna), but only a few, and if by chance I fail to produce an image a day in the next two weeks, I won’t complain. There should be enough material from Italy, that I have to process anyway.

The Song of the Day is “Time Passes” from Paul Weller’s 1995 album “Stanley Road”. See him perform live on YouTube.

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