1357 – I Can’t Wait

It’s midnight, this is the sixth post for today, an image I took yesterday. It was a sudden inspiration. I was sitting in the car, I pointed the camera outside and thought, why not include the mirror? It was meant as a balance, and balance it does, but there is more to it. It gives the image depth and context. I made two more of them, none good, but I guess I’ll come back to the concept.

The Song of the Day is “I Can’t Wait” by Danny Wilson, a band from Dundee, Scotland, that broke up in 1991 after only two albums.

I have it on a collection called “Sweet Danny Wilson”, currently available only as CD and at a ridiculous price. But then, the song is not that good, certainly not the best in the collection, and most others are available as digital downloads from their debut album “Meet Danny Wilson”.

Anyway. YouTube has the song.