Jul 022010

On Monday I had business near our old home, in the country (not that it’s far from where we live now), and of course I had the camera with me and took some images.

There would probably be at least two more that I were inclined to use under normal circumstances, but excuse me please, I’m in a hurry to catch up 🙂

The Song of The Day is “Give Me The Simple Life“. I have it on “Twelve Nights In Hollywood”, the recently published collection of four CDs with previously unpublished material, those “Twelve Nights In Hollywood”, that were the first music, that I bought as digital downloads only.

YouTube has a later version from Montreux 1969, but it is very similar in phrasing, it won’t make that much of a difference.

  3 Responses to “1354 – Give Me The Simple Life”

  1. Wonderful, these simple things are hard to find, thanx for this time travel!

  2. This definitely speaks to me. Great way of combining lines and light.

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