1353 – Here, There And Everywhere

I don’t know if I have enough material for the SoFoBoMo 2010 book that Ted Byrne asked me to make. Sure, I have a lot of images, and when, back home, I go through Villach, as I did last Sunday, when that image was taken, I see those juxtapositions of old and new, those layers, those sediments, here as well. They are everywhere, and maybe in Italy they are a little more obvious than elsewhere. But then, it won’t do to begin mixing things up. It’s either all Italy for the book, or there will be no book at all.

I knew I would be struggling, and I do. But at least I may catch up with my blog posts a little faster now 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Here, There And Everywhere” from the Beatles album “Revolver”. On Amazon it’s still only available as CD, thus I link to plastic. YouTube has it as well.

2 thoughts on “1353 – Here, There And Everywhere”

  1. I really am intrigued by how you’ve evolved to allow me (that’a a plural me) to grasp a sense of place as opposed to a micro feeling which ignited as your lens explored places. And yet, you continue to frame subjectively so that the story arc is still distinctively yours. It is as if in the past year, you have zoomed out to find how this moment interacts with the assertions of past cultural statements. I sense a greater cultural swirl in your captures. And yet you do it without demanding an ideological position from your audience. This is a new “period” for you Andreas… and it’s happened so subtly that I was unaware when it started but comparing now to then… it is – not better – but clearly different. You continue to grow.

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