1347 – Under The Bridge II

Sorry to be late again, but I’m on vacation and visually overloaded 🙂

I already used this title back in “1198 – Under The Bridge“, and here it fits again. Sorry for the repetition as well 🙂

I saw this image on Monday, but failed to react, and you know how this is, suddenly you are 50 meters ahead, there is no place to stop, traffic is heavy, and you give up.

Still, the view with the old houses, the winding road and the highway bridge in the background stuck, and when we came along again in the vicinity, I demanded a short deviation 🙂

The image is a composite of two out of maybe ten exposures, one with the intended framing, one with the man preparing to cross and the scooter. Maybe a third exposure to eliminate all the cars would have been fine, but I was not lucky enough. Processing was rather straight, although I have added a selective blur and a bit of a vignette. I am short of time now, I may decide to change processing for the book.

The Song of the Day is again “Under The Bridge” by All Saints. The album that I have seems to be not available any more, thus I have linked to an “All Hits” collection. Hear the song on YouTube.

One thought on “1347 – Under The Bridge II”

  1. Andreas, I love this composition! I love how that “fence” or barrier interrupts the eye’s movement from upper left along the implied major diagonal on its way to the lower right corner. The dark poles stop the eye and make it back up a tad to see the man and scooter.

    Had I been the one to try to frame this scene, I’d probably have tried to avoid getting that barrier in the image – and so would have missed this interaction among the elements of this image.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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