1345 – Mixed Emotions

Good news! I’m in Italy, and the place, Sestri Levante in Liguria, is really beautiful. It’s not a new town, actually it goes back to Roman origins, and you really see that although this place has known tourism for a very long time, certainly more than a hundred years, it has been rich before that.

As to the journey, it was uneventful, with lots of sunshine along the way, only in the end, when we arrived at the Ligurian Riviera, we were back to rain. On the other hand, that’s just as predicted, thus I won’t complain … yet 🙂

The images are from a short walk along the beach and through the historic center. Ted recently had the idea for my SoFoBo book, that I could look at how here in Europe (and where when not in Italy), the new is always layered upon the old. The idea is to reveal old layers, to juxtapose the ancient and the modern. Well, I had planned to try just that in Genova, but due to the rainfalls we skipped that part of our trip. But then, maybe I can do something similar down here? We’ll see.

The Internet connection here is a mixed experience. I can say (and you can see) that it works, but certain domains make trouble or seem to be blocked. For instance I can’t get YouTube to work. No idea why. I can search, but playing videos is impossible.

The Song of the Day is “Mixed Emotions” by Dinah Washington. You can get it on a collection called “The Complete Dinah Washington On Mercury Vol.2 (1950 – 1952)”. YouTube is supposed to have it, though I can’t check 🙂

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  1. hEY!!! I just took a photograph, with the same colors, except that i’m from Malaysia and the place was a Jail.

    Very informative post you have here.


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