1337 – La Vida Es Rosa

It has been hot the last days. Very, very hot. At the moment I am on the train to Carinthia, thankfully air-conditioned, tomorrow I’ll be in Linz to hear Bob Dylan, and Wednesday next week we’ll be on our way to Genoa, Italy. A few days in the city, and then down the Ligurian riviera for nature, sun, sea and a few relaxing days. I’ll have my laptop with me, the hotels were carefully selected for WiFi, thus I plan to carry on with this blog.

The Song of the Day is one of the most surprising cover versions of “La Vie En Rose”, the immortal song made famous by Edith Piaf. Ana Salazar sings a fantastic Flamenco version, and as it has not been available via YouTube, I’ve just uploaded it. Let’s see what happens, this is definitely not in the public domain, this is owned by Universal, and I hope it will still stay up anyway 🙂