1326 – That’s Life I Guess

Well, it’s past midnight, technically it’s already the first of June and that means it’s SoFoBoMo. There is an all new web site, but the rules are still the same: at least 35 images, taken within a 31 days window during June and July, the result being a book, complete with layout, uploaded as PDF.

I did it two times so far, I’ll do it again this year and – honestly – I have not a clue what it will be.

Technically I suppose it’s easy. I intend to use exactly the template from last year, maybe change some details, but it worked for me and I see no reason to deviate.

The images? Well, in two weeks I’ll be in Italy. Genova and the Ligurian Riviera. If I find nothing better, I guess I’ll make a travel book, and if that does not work, I have still a month to find something else. No need to panic 🙂

The Song of the Day is “That’s Life I Guess” by Billie Holiday. Amazon has a nice collection of the Complete Columbia Recordings, 230 songs for the very civil amount of $15.98. I just downloaded them. I guess I must have had most of them anyway, but it was just a too good price to pass 😀

Hear the song on YouTube.