May 302010

Yesterday began with fair weather. I was even swimming, though I already heard thunder in a distance. This is an image from our garden by the lake, not exactly in the rain as the title suggests, but really shortly before. The flowers are two types of columbines, aquilegia vulgaris the blue, and aquilegia × hybrida the pink in the background. They were planted 40 years ago.

The rest of the day was shopping for ingredients, and then about five or six hours of cooking Filé Gumbo, complete with home-made chicken broth, roux and imported filé powder 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Garden In The Rain” from Diana Krall’s 1997 album “Love Scenes”. Hear it on YouTube.

  2 Responses to “1324 – Garden In The Rain”

  1. Lovely, inviting, and playful! The middle-ground fern is a nice bonus.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I love the middle-ground as well. I made one attempt at f2.8, but this, f5, gives really the amount of detail that I wanted of the circle of pink flowers..

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