1322 – Hangover Blues

Nothing new from Vienna. Rain, rain, rain. Meanwhile in Carinthia there is sunshine, which at the weekend is supposed to be replaced by, you guess, RAIN.

I liked this bicycle when I saw it hanging there, and when I was searching for a Song of the Day and an image title, I searched for “hang”. What I found was Johnny Otis’ “Hangover Blues”, a recording from 1949, maybe 1950. It’s not even a good title for this image (or maybe it is?), but I sure liked the song.

Searching on YouTube, I found exactly nothing, but hey, why not just make a video and upload it? I installed the free Aquasoft Diashow for YouTube, used the OGG music track (hey, this program does OGG :)), used my own image as background, and here it is. Enjoy.