1321 – Somewhere Along The Line

As I said, I’m fooling around. I was quite surprised by the result of yesterday’s experiment, thus I went for it again this morning.

And I did go for something completely different as well. Remember that fabulous Jazz collection, “The Ultimete Jazz Archive”, those 168 CDs full of old Jazz, recordings that have fallen into the public domain? Remember that I paid 99€ for those 168 CDs?

Uhhhhm … turns out that “ultimate” was not so ultimate after all. Today I bought “The Encyclopedia of Jazz”, a whopping 500 CDs for 199.99€. OK, I said I wouldn’t buy plastic any more, but, but … could YOU have resisted?

The Song of the Day is “Somewhere Along The Line” from Billy Joel’s 1973 album “Piano Man”. Hear it on YouTube.