1316 – Number Nine Train

No, I won’t complain about the rain. Why should I? It almost didn’t rain at all today, only from when I left home until I arrived at work, and then once more from when I left work until I arrived at the train. Why would I want to complain??

The Song of the Day is “Number Nine Train”, which is actually wrong, because what you see is a window of Number Five Train, but anyway, I couldn’t think of any better title.

I have the song on a collection of 10 CDs with R&B classics that I bought a year ago. I don’t have it with me, thus I can’t check who sings it, but I guess Tarheel Slim, like on this collection of 111 songs that I found on Amazon, won’t be completely wrong.

I didn’t find it on YouTube, but I think this modern recording by “Tigerman” Fathead can’t be so far off.

EDIT: Found Tarheel Slim on YouTube 🙂