1315 – Old Red Eyes Is Back

Some days are better than others. Today I was not exactly blessed with spare time, but at least I could relax a little while going home. The bicycle images are a result of that.

Both bikes somehow attracted me, and in both cases I decided to go for details. That was a conscious decision. You know, photographing with a zoom does not always mean that you use the whole range of the lens or use the lens for all that it can be used for. At least for me it’s more like a lens that morphs from being one kind of prime to another, and not only that, I also tend to fall into a certain kind of seeing. Whenever that happens, when I find that I feel uninspired or begin to repeat myself, I just try something different. This time it was going in, taking bicycle details.

This horizontal image exactly captures what caught my eye: boldly oblique lines and elegant curves. I had already decided to make this the Image of the Day, but then I began working on the other bicycle image and it won.

The colors and the rust made me think of, well, rust, and the logical Song of the Day would have been Holly Cole’s “Don’t Let The Teardrops Rust Your Shining Heart”, but alas I couldn’t find the song online.

I searched and searched, but in the end I decided to split it and take the Song of the Day and the title not from the Image of the Day but from the morning image.

Old Red Eyes Is Back” is originally from The Beautiful South’s 1992 album “0898 Beautiful South”, and there are two different live versions on the double CD “The BBC Sessions”, one sung by Jacqui Abbott, the other by Paul Heaton. YouTube has the album version, Paul Heaton singing lead, Briana Corrigan and Dave Hemmingway singing background vocals. Briana left the band after that album, and when Jacqui Abbott replaced her in 1994, she really became the female voice of TBS.

3 thoughts on “1315 – Old Red Eyes Is Back”

  1. Andreas, I was recently traveling in Belgium and when I saw this bicycle thought of your photo blog. I imagine you could have made a fun photo of the “injured” bike!

    1. Thanks. Actually this is something completely beyond me: why do some people jump on bicycle wheel? It’s completely devoid of purpose.

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