1299 – One Of The Three

Two images for yesterday. It was a rainy day, dark and brooding (and so begins today). These are the days when I begin to search for colors 🙂

Shops are good places for that mood, even when you’re not buying anything.

The colorful clothes hung outside of a shop in Neubaugasse. The image is straight from the camera. The other image, the triptych, is from a small shop in Kaiserstraße.

Did I ever say that I like lenses that can focus close? Yes, it may induce technical compromises that otherwise take away from ultimate image quality, but really, do I care about a lens that, for instance, has lower distortions or CA, but can’t take my picture? Hardly 🙂

The Song of the Day is “One Of The Three” from the 1993 James album “Laid”. Hear it on YouTube.