1298 – A Kind Of Peace

A rainy day, scarcity of images, but a lot of good music. On Saturday, hearing “Sweet Home Alabama” in a steakhouse, I completely failed to remember who sang this originally. I only had the song from the Leningrad Cowboys’ “Total Balalaika Show” (not that THAT would be a bad choice), but I was completely oblivious to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Shame on me. I have four of their albums now 🙂

The other revelation today were “L’Arpeggiata“. I stumbled across their album “Los Impossibles” on Amazon. One of those people-who-bought-this-also-bought-that recommendations. Oh dear, dig around their site and try not to buy a single album 🙂

Yeah, and finally I bought two more Faithless albums, which brings me to four. The Song of the Day is “A Kind Of Peace“, featuring Cat Power, from their 2006 album “To All New Arrivals”. Great music. Hear it on YouTube.