1297 – To Love You All Over Again

Isn’t Spring a wonderful time of the year? And doesn’t it stay fresh, regardless how often we have seen it? It’s a preciously small number of times anyway, and there is not much hope that it ever may get big at all.

In a comment to the bird in the last post Ted said:

How do you manage to deal with the, “That’s a nice idea but I’ve done that” syndrome? There’s such an advantage to being a newbie or a tourist. I can come back with hundreds of images and realize I’m living in the world of deja vu. And yet, you find ways to stay fresh. Talk to us about that Andreas.

Good question. Of course I repeat myself. Everybody does. Nature does. But does one apple tree in blossom look less beautiful because you already have seen another?

I think it greatly depends on why you do what you do:

Some do it for money, but I don’t. To the contrary. I pay for it in time as in hosting costs.

Some do it for fame. Everybody does, I do, but only a precious few succeed. I don’t. Sure, some hundred people look at what I do every day, but there are 39,307 photoblogs at Photoblogs.org today. Mine is neiter “Hot” in their list nor is it in their “Hall of Fame”. And even if, would it make a difference? Yes, it would, but only gradually. It could still not answer the question of why I do it.

Some may even hunt for the one perfect image, but then, how do you ever know? The only sure way to know that you can’t ever do better, is to be dead, and I doubt that you’ll care much, if caring and knowing are even possible then.

Some do it for themselves, and that’s what I do.

I repeat myself. Everybody does. Nature does. And just as I suppose nature does not care, I don’t care either.

The Song of the Day is “To Love You All Over Again” from Madeleine Peyroux’s 2009 album “Bare Bones”. People say she sounds like Billie Holiday, so what? 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “1297 – To Love You All Over Again”

  1. yes, taking pictures for yourself is one of the best reasons i can think of 🙂
    and it is so true.
    and next is to share what you like with others.

    robert motherwell said once:
    what could be more interesting, or in the end, more ecstatic, than in those rare moments when you see another person look at something you’ve made, and realize that they got it exactly, that your heart jumped to their heart with nothing in between.

    and agree with him.
    sharing is important too 🙂
    don’t you think?

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