1296 – Little Bird

Today I came home with about 70 images, and almost all of them were trash. OK, many of them were other bird images, and you know those guys, they are about the worst kind of photo model you can find 🙂

The image was taken during a late breakfast. We were exploring the local McCafé and I was pleasantly surprised. Fine coffee, good cakes, even birds for photographers.

Oh yes, I was swimming. Not indoors, no, in the lake. It can’t be more than 14, maybe 15 degrees Celsius, but for two minutes it’s OK 😀

The Song of the Day is “Little Bird“, one of the admittely weaker songs on Annie Lennox’ 1992 album “Diva”. Hear for yourself.

2 thoughts on “1296 – Little Bird”

  1. Don’t you hate it when the well has no water? The nice thing is that you managed to find a nice drink along its edge. How do you manage to deal with the, “That’s a nice idea but I’ve done that” syndrome? There’s such an advantage to being a newbie or a tourist. I can come back with hundreds of images and realize I’m living in the world of deja vu. And yet, you find ways to stay fresh. Talk to us about that Andreas.

    BTW… tis image is delightful.

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