Don’t like it when governments negotiate your rights in secret?

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ACTA is a controversial international treaty that impacts digital rights and is being negotiated in secret meetings. PublicACTA has been organised by InternetNZ so that the public can critique the known and likely content of ACTA proposals ahead of the next round in Wellington, NZ.

PublicACTA has prepared the “Wellington Declaration“. Its purpose is to preserve the Internet as a place for creativity and innovation, for the sharing of knowledge, citizen engagement and democracy, and as an engine of economic growth and opportunity. The ACTA treaty, as its contents has leaked so far, is a severe danger to all those beneficial aspects of the Internet.

Please consider strongly signing PublicACTA’s petition. It is in your interest, in that of your children and in that of all citizens of our global community.

Please sign and please pass on the word.

More on ACTA at the blogs of Mark Harris, Michael Geist, on Facebook, and for the German speaking readers on

4 thoughts on “Don’t like it when governments negotiate your rights in secret?”

  1. Thanks, Andreas. I did sign just now, even tho it’s “after the fact.”
    Govts will do anything to tighten their control over our lives.

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