1294 – Family Kitchen

Back to the Tammy. Hmm … it’s like it always is when I switch lenses. It’s irritating. Nothing looks as it used to, especially after a 150/2.8. The wonderful thing with this Tamron lens though is, that you have so many options. At 50 mm and focused near it is almost a macro lens, at 17 mm it is pretty wide, with its stabilization it works wonders in low light, it is sharp, has a satisfying bokeh, really, I see no major weakness.

I’ve experimented a lot today, there’s not much that I deem worthy, but I certainly like the whimsical effect of the distortions in this image. B&W seemed just right for it.

The Song of the Day is “Bring My Family Back” from the 1999 Faithless album “Sunday 8pm”. Oh dear, this is real good music. Guess I need more of them 🙂

YouTube has many versions of the song, I guess this is the album version.