1276 – The Dream Goes On

Here are two more pictures from Palmanova. It’S Sunday, I am lazy and I won’t go out photographing. Weather is not as bad as predicted, but I am tired and I owe you some more material about Palmanova anyway.

The probably best way to appreciate this city’s plan is from the satellite image on Google Maps. See what I mean with an “oversized” piazza?

The first image was taken with the Nikon 24/2.8, an equivalent of 36mm, only slightly wide, and it gives you a good impression of what it feels like to stand there. See the green at the end of the street leading off the piazza on the otehr side? This is Contrada Savorgnan, leading not to one of the three gates, but instead to the now ovegrown ramparts. Mind you, this is a 24mm lens, cropped to a 36mm field of view. Nothing like the perspective shortening of a telephoto lens is present here, to the contrary. This is a small town, very small indeed.

The Song of the Day is “Dreaming” by Blondie. I always liked their music, it’s inextricably connected to my youth. YouTube has a video from some TV show, seemingly playback, but the sound is exactly like on record. I recently bought a collection of Blondie songs as digital downloads. Recommended.

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    1. Nope. I didn’t even know Todd Rundgren. I mean, I knew the name, but I have no idea from where. I’ve just checked out the song on YouTube and his career on Wikipedia. Thanks 🙂

  1. Well, I confess being a little prejudice. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and was his lighting designer on tour in ’79 – ’80. That Wikipedia write-up is very accurate. I tell people a joke for shock value. I’ll say “I once went to a pool party where Liv Tyler was naked.” Beat. “The only issue was she was four years old at the time.” Todd used to have summer pool parties for his crew, and Liv was living at his house when she thought she was his daughter, not Steven Tyler’s. And the kids were all running around without clothes. It’s a cheap joke, I’ll admit. However, I really like Todd’s music quite a bit and someone with your seeming encyclopedic knowledge of music might appreciate him

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