1269 – Another Morning

This is just another morning as seen out of my study. I took it yesterday while working on a post for my programming blog. This pretty much occupies me at the moment. The new post is “5 – Patterns And Languages“. It is both an opinion piece and a declaration of intent.

The other post I’m working on is not up yet, it will be “6 – An Eclipse / GlassFish / Java EE 6 Cookbook”. I’m writing this to provide a smooth entry into Java EE 6 programming with Eclipse, something that I think a lot of people are searching for. Nothing fancy, just basic things that you otherwise still have to guess and find out the hard way. Of course this is intended to draw traffic to my new blog, and I guess it will do, just as tutorials always do.

Other than that, Michael is here, at the moment still sleeping on the sofa, while I finish yesterday’s post, wondering about what to photograph on this cool, cloudy day, all the while carrying on with the tutorial post. I’m pretty busy, but being so and wanting to be so is a pleasure 🙂

The image is an HDR taken with the Nikon 18-200 VR, processed with Photomatix Pro.

The Song of the Day is “The Morning: Another Morning” from the classic 1967 Moody Blues album “Days Of Future Passed”. I have no idea why I have not used this song before, hut I have not. Hear it on YouTube.