1268 – Reaching for the Moon

It’s Easter weekend. Here in Carinthia it’s cold, compared to Vienna. Morning temperatures around freezing. It was beautiful today though.

Remember that I told you about the box of the now broken Tamron lens and that I have it in Carinthia? Well, that’s right, it was here, and when I took it in my hands, I was surprised about its weight. Something had to be in it …

Imagine my surprise when I found a lens inside. My good old Nikon 18-200 VR. It had had it on the camera when I bought the Tamron. Of course I had put the Tammy on the camera, the Nikon in the box – and there it had been for half a year. I had not even missed it. Boy, I have way too many lenses 🙂

Today’s image was taken using that very neglected lens, set to 200mm. The view is over the neighboring buildings towards Mount Mangart, a snow capped peak in the Julian Alps, directly on the border between Slovenia and Italy. I didn’t even see the moon until I found it in Photoshop 😀

The Song of the Day is “Reaching for the Moon” from the 2007 self-titled Holly Cole album. Wonderful rendition. Hear it on YouTube.