1259 – Spring (At Last)

It’s wonderful when it gets warm. At the moment the days are sunny, it may get bad over the weekend though. Oh well 🙂

Yesterday morning I checked that little square with the fountain, a place that I normally ignore, but on the other side of the street, you can’t see it here, is a tree that blossoms very early and in the most spectacular pink. Year after year I am too late, thus I went there yesterday. It’s still too early though, there is no trace of blossoms at all yet.

The Song of the Day is “Spring (At Last)” from Paul Weller’s 2003 album “Illumination”. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “1259 – Spring (At Last)”

  1. this square, circled square or maybe i should say piazza
    well it doesn’t matter this place in vienna reminds me of place they filmed in the motion picture ‘before sunrise’. it has the same mood.
    and i love the morning light in here
    so promise-ful
    i think that’s we we love spring so much
    it’s full of promises
    it’s something in the air
    or maybe the quality of light
    i don’t know
    but i do know i love it

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