1255 – Spring Is Here II

Carinthia is famous for these wayside shrines. Normally they show images of saints on all four sides, on every side the saint whose church is nearest in that direction. Basically the shrines were the guideposts of an age when practically nobody could read.

I spent most of this beautiful, warm sunday indoors, working on my new blog. I originally intended to announce it this weekend, but it is still too early. I want to have at least two good articles posted and the basic structure ready. So far I am at one and a half articles, and the layout of the front page is still whacky. Stay tuned, it can happen every day now 🙂

It was such a fine warm spring day, I can’t help it, the Song of the Day must be “Spring Is Here“, this time not by Nina Simone like in “911 – Spring Is Here“, this time it’s Frank Sinatra. Sorry, I’ve found nothing on YouTube, but you know it anyway, don’t you? Well, if not, here is a performance by Ron Raines. Didn’t know the guy, but the style is, well, conventional. Not exactly like Sinatra, but not far from it either.

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