1248 – Hunting Down A Mountain

Mittagskogel. You know this mountain, it’s a landmark just south of Villach, I have had it on quite some image, but it’s actually not so easy to get a good view on it.

This afternoon I was out, hunting it down. You know, I have no real problem with power lines and such, when I can’t avoid them, I make them a subject, but in order for that to work, I need to be able to choose my point of view. With still so much snow and no proper shoes (OK, this was idiotic, don’t tell me :)), I didn’t have that freedom, thus I had to look harder.

These two images are what I came up with. Both of them are HDR, processed with Photomatix Pro, for the Image of the Day I also used a polarizer. I like both.

The Song of the Day is “Hunter” from Dido’s 1999 album “No Angel”. Hear it on YouTube.