1233 – Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence

It’s Sunday evening by now. I have whiled the day away and now I am in a hurry. As usual 🙂

This images is from a short trip on Saturday afternoon. Saturday was warm and sunny, eating the snow away at enormous speed. The image is a composite of two exposures, one taken at f5.6, the other at f2.8.

The Song of the Day is “Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence” by Bob Dylan. I have it on disc 2 of “The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3 : Rare And Unreleased, 1961-1991”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1233 – Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence”

  1. Interesting. It looks like just one shot. Is this handheld? You might have been able to use your D300’s multiple exposure feature and done this all in-camera.

  2. Wouldn’t have worked. What I did was taking the pole from the f5.6 exposure, everything else from f2.8. Basically I wanted to simplify the background. By overlaying a detailed image with a less detailed one via double exposure, I can never reduce detail. Does not work. You need to mask for that job.

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