1230 – Get Out Of Town

Funny that I’ve never used that song. This is an HDR made yesterday morning. In reality it’s no way “out of town”, it’s only the yard of one of those old tenement ensembles that make up so much of Vienna. Still, it looks almost rural to me or at least small-town.

The Song of the Day is Cole Porter’s “Get Out Of Town“, sung by the great Holly Cole on her 1996 live album “It Happened One Night”. Typical me: I’ve waited for so many years to see her live, in two weeks she plays in Vienna, now guess who has no tickets???

See a live performance on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1230 – Get Out Of Town”

  1. Andreas, I’ll agree with Bob Dein’s comment above. You do an excellent job with HDR’s — getting the benefits without “over-the-top” effects.

  2. I came to the comments to say the same thing that Bob has already said. Most HDR shots look to me like they are from some alternative universe. Very nice work.

  3. Like the others said, Andreas, you are a master at HDRs. I’d never have known that this is an HRD. I love the off-the-beaten path scenes like this in the European cities. We have so very little of this in our USA cities – just mostly trash and decay.

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