1228 – Early In The Morning II

This is an image of yesterday morning. Michael had bought some used furniture via Internet, we had organized a transporter for over the weekend, and the original plan was to return it on Sunday.

Unfortunately one of the two closets that we got as a set for 25€ turned out to be too big to get into his apartment. We could disassemble the other one, but the only option for this one was to throw it away.

The problem is, in an Austrian city you can’t throw a cabinet away on a Sunday. The waste disposal sites are closed, thus we needed to keep the car till Monday morning, rise early, get rid of the damn thing and return the car before 8am.

This image is an HDR that I took as I went to work. There’s nothing special with it apart from the fact that all the cars were moving. I’ve used Photomatix Pro, and this program did a great job deciding for each moving object which version to keep. I was absolutely and thoroughly impressed.

The Song of the Day is “Early In The Morning“. This time it’s not Clapton like in “819 – Early In The Morning“, this time it’s John ‘Sonny Boy’ Lee Williamson. I have the song on disc 49 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive”, but if you’re not interested in buying 168 great CDs for almost nothing, you can get it on the collection “Vol. 12-Story of Blues” as well. Hear it on YouTube 🙂

4 thoughts on “1228 – Early In The Morning II”

  1. Wow, I too am very impressed with what Photomatix Pro did with this image! I also love the muted colors. This looks like it’d be a tricky exposure for just one shot, so it’s good that there is a tool like Photomatix Pro to help us out. I like wandering around, looking at all the details.

  2. Well, actually it’s not Photomatix Pro, it’s what you do with it. This is not automatic, and really what it does automatically, has become worse in the last few versions. It’s just that it is very configurable, and when you know what you have to do to get a good basis for further processing in Photoshop, you can make very natural looking images. Look at their homepage. You’ll immediately see, that Photomatix is capable of all those atrocities, that so frequently are associated with HDR 🙂

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