1227 – Church On Sunday

Today Michael and I have again worked in his apartment. This consumed most of the day, which was quite unfortunate, because it was sunny and beautiful, almost like Spring beginning. On the other hand we progressed nicely, so I really shouldn’t complain 🙂

I’ve taken the two daylight images in the morning. The obelisk is a monument for Dr. Karl Lueger, Mayor of Vienna around 1900 and anti-Semite extraordinaire. But that’s the way it is in Austria. I suppose the only reason why we don’t idolize Hitler is, that it would be bad for our image. But of course I may be wrong.

The other image is of a “Würstelstand”, one typically Viennese institution where you can eat hot sausages, Leberkäse and, as a concession to our internationality, Hot Dogs. They are hard pressed by McDonalds and all those Turkish Döner kebab stands, but so far they have survived. It’s probably not the most healthy diet, but the same could be said of McDonalds 🙂

The Image of the Day was taken at night when I went home. The church is the same that you see in the background of the image with the obelisk.

The Song of the Day is “Church On Sunday” from Green Day’s 2000 album “Warning”. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1227 – Church On Sunday”

  1. Nice lightning on your main photo – old churches always work great with the yellow’ish tint casted by street lights. And those deep shadows… Mh, when you’re back at playing old (aka “classic”) computer games, you should take a look (again?) at “Thief, Deadly Shadows”. Wonderful…

  2. The concession stand – in English, the name I remember first when I was a kid, was not “hotdog” but “weiner wurst” and now I know where that name came from!

    Of your 3 images, my fav by far is the old church and street corner at night. There’s something so warm and inviting. That may be a person sitting on the bench across the street. I’d like to go over, introduce myself and ask if I could sit there, too, so I could savor the atmosphere at the time you made this image.

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