1226 – It’s Saturday Night

Hard to come up with a good image when you have none, huh? Well, this weekend I am in Vienna to help Michael with his apartment. Yup, still things to be done. In fact I’ve had no time to take photos all day, and when I went home at night, I was not overly inspired either. Let’s all just ignore this image, can we? I wouldn’t have thought it, but it’s the antithesis to my long-standing conviction that there is a good square in every bad image. I have to get out and to Michael’s again, I can’t afford to search any longer. Here’s a crop that’s not worse than any other 🙂

The Song of the Day is “It’s Saturday Night” from the 1988 Proclaimers album “Sunshine on Leith”. They were a two album band from Scotland, probably not well known in the US, but both of their albums were real good and this one was even real, real good 🙂

I can only direct you to Amazon’s sound sample, but just to not leave you without a video, let me recommend “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” from the same album.

2 thoughts on “1226 – It’s Saturday Night”

  1. Oh goodness, what’s not to like about this? Sure I supposed it’d look better cropped up from the bottom just to the beginning of the reflections on the sidewalk – but for me that’s not necessary!

    This could have made a nice Lensbaby image!

  2. Flo, I can guarantee: whatever crop you come up with, I’ve tried it and it didn’t satisfy me. This went on for almost an hour, until I was so fed up that I finally posted what I did 🙂

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