1225 – When I’m Sixty-Four

This is not really an image, is it? But then, you know what this means? DONE!!!!

Mostly. There are some utilities that I still need to install, like WinRAR, Notepad++ and … well, probably not much more. Photoshop with all plugins is installed, licenses are activated, the 64 bit Nvidia driver is installed, the game Morrowind is installed and runs like a charm, my image database is there, the virtual machine with Linux, mobile networking is installed and tested, so are my browsers, bookmarks, wallpapers, etc. Gosh, I’m really tired now!

Image-wise I had some numbers 32 ready as well, just in case I would have to go back to Windows 7 32 bit, but fortunately this was not necessary.

The Song of the Day? “When I’m Sixty-Four” from Sgt. Pepper, what else 😀

See the original clip from “Yellow Submarine” on YouTube.

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