1220 – Sunlight

Another weekend is over, I’m on the train back to Vienna. Like on most Sundays I slept long, relaxed, and when I got out, it was already 4pm. I drove to a supermarket on the other side of Villach, located in a winter sports area, where shops are open even on Sunday afternoons, and when I returned and took a small detour through this village, the sun was almost gone.

This is again an HDR image, tonemapped with Photomatix Pro and then finished in Photoshop. This is actually the second version. The first was tonally OK, but much too garish. This is much more believable, I guess.

The Song of the Day is “Sunlight” from Pat Metheny’s 1992 album “Secret Story”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1220 – Sunlight”

    1. Yeah. I find myself using it in winter more often. Here it looks quite natural, almost unnecessary, but if you look at the different exposures, none of it is acceptable tonally, and with that kind of horizon, a filter would have unnaturally darkened the snow on the left side. Seems like there is really a place for HDR in this world 🙂

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