Feb 142010

Yesterday was actually a beautiful day, but I felt uninspired and tired. We drove around a little, I made some pictures, but nothing that I’d normally post.

So what? Instead of taking one from the archives, I decided to post one of these “been there, this is how it looks” images. Castle Rain near Klagenfurt in winter. That’s how it looks. Maybe it looks even exotic to some of you 😀

The Song of the Day is “Instead” from the 2009 Madeleine Peyroux album “Bare Bones”. Here’s a live performance.

  5 Responses to “1219 – Instead”

  1. it does look exotic, I love your pic, so interesting how they are so professional looking but yet so natural looking, even you HDR’s

  2. It sure is yellow. I guess you’ll not lose it it a snow storm. 😉


  3. The yellow reminds me of the University in Bonn.

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