1217 – Eric The Half A … Bicycle?

This is some sort of … transporter, I guess. I have never seen anyone use it, it just stands there all the time, or at least whenever I am there.

As to the Song of the Day, “Eric The Half A Bee” from “Monty Python Sings”, well, let me put it this way: You are certainly allowed to not own or even not know this album, you are only not allowed to keep it that way 😀

Great stuff from before the world suffocated in political correctness. Almost unthinkable that Monty Python ever existed. Just think of “Sit On My Face“, “Never Be Rude To An Arab“, “I Like Chinese“, the “Penis Song” or “Every Sperm Is Sacred“. But then, mindless jerks are already busy to censor free thinking away. Enjoy it as long as you can.

Oh, and, today France has chosen to establish Internet censorship. Child porn, what else? Their law is even worse than the ill-fated German one, that was successfully fought by the German public last fall. No judges, no public, no evaluation phase for the law, just a secret list. I suppose Sarkozy’s buddies from the content mafia will be pleased.

But then, let’s “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” and hear the Song of the Day on YouTube.

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