1215 – Half A Person

I hope you don’t grow tired of these bicycles. I certainly don’t. In fact, they have really become something like a trademark for me, though really, it is not just love, no, they are also everywhere.

A bike is really half a person. Yes, some of them seem to take on a part of the personality of their rider (maybe this gal?), but overall they have the same kind of personality that comic characters have. They can stand in impossible poses, they lean there, frozen in an expression, and what I like most, they consist of simple lines.

Really, the simple lines are what always brings me back to them. A circle, seen from the side, becomes an ellipsis, and by choosing your point of view, you can set it in relation with other circles, either the second wheel of the same bike or the wheels of another. Or the triangle of the frame. There are so many lines that you can point into corners, use to divide the image, compose in every sense. But then, I don’t know if the bicycles bore you, in the end they would certainly bore me, lines or not, were it not for their personality.

The Song of the Day is “Half A Person” from the 1987 The Smiths album “The World Won’t Listen”. Great album, great singer, mightily influential band, hardly available in the US. But then, they are Brits 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1215 – Half A Person”

  1. I like the 2nd image, as for me, it presents more personality. It seems cheerful, the way you have presented it. It’s just happy sitting there awaiting its owner, just like a faithful dog.

    1. You’re right, more personality, less composition. I just felt geometric though 🙂

      But: Faithful dog??? That’s a girl, undeniably a girl 😀

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